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Dec. 27th, 2006 | 08:04 pm

my best friend is turning into something that she said over and over would never ever happen.
i am turning back into something that i shouldnt.
but somehow i am happy.
happier about the things i shouldnt be happy about.
does this even make sense?
my dad doesnt know how to let me grow up i guess you could call it. and hes playing the jewish guilt card all too frequently. yes, moron, i would rather be with my friends than at home.
my mom is just fine. she is glad im having fun and thats that.
but back to my dad. its very annoying. seriously. i keep telling him just let me do my thing and not make it miserable for both of us.
does he get it? no.
but whatever.
my sister is washing the dishes. how awkward.
apple jacks is the new turkey sandwhich. or is it sandwich.
i need to go to college.
i feel like i have a ton to say. but i dont know who really reads this. and maybe its people that i dont want to read it.
but i really dont have that much to say when it comes down to it.
i dont have that many brain cells.
mmm, applejacks.

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